Focus and Prepare!

Ages 3 to Adult
This program is essentially quite similar to the Recreational Program. It is considered a “stepping stone” to the next level of programs. The mandate of the Examination or Pre-Competitve program is to help parents and students assimilate more easily to the Competitive program if at some point they so choose to do so. We at the Dance Academy understand that the many commitments of Competitive dance may not be a possibility for every family. However, with this program you can ensure that your child has taken the correct prerequisite classes and exams in order to join the Competitive team at some future time if they so choose.

Examination program dancers will have:

A commitment to:

  • Make every effort to attend all of their scheduled classes
  • Call or email to inform the office if they are to be absent
  • Follow all grooming and attire protocol
  • Take required extra classes needed to learn exam syllabus
  • Take all required RAD and CDTA Exams

An opportunity to:

  • Study dance syllabus techniques
  • Learn choreography
  • Perform on stage in our Year End Showcase.
  • Apply dance examinations as high school credits.