In alignment with the Province of BC’s ReStart Program, this document details required physical distancing and hygiene protocols for users of the Dance Academy of Prince Rupert beginning September 14th, 2020.

The health and safety of our students, staff,dance families, and community is important to the Academy, and we will follow the guidelines and procedures below to ensure our facility and classes are as low-risk for COVID-19 transmission as possible.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

  • The studio will be implementing social distancing and sanitization procedures. 2 metre social distancing will apply while inside the building and while entering and exiting the building. There will be 2 metre markers on the floor throughout the building and a designated entrance and exit. Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the building. There will be breaks in between classes to allow for dancers to enter and exit the studios/building, and to allow staff time to sanitize. High contact areas will be sanitized in between classes (ie. equipment, acrobatic mats, barre, door knobs, floors, etc.).
  • As a precaution, the Dance Academy will be using medical grade Ecolab products and services to ensure proper sanitization of the studio.
  • Students must bring a mask (exception: Toddlers and Rhythm and Dance). Masks will be used to enter and exit the building, during washroom breaks, and in class if necessary. If a dancer/s or teacher/s can not maintain the degree of separation needed, a mask must be worn.
  • Instructors, staff,families and dancers will not be permitted to enter the building if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms including but not limited to fever, sore throat, coughing, aches, respiratory problems, headache, dry cough, fatigue, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, chest pain, rash on skin, discolouration of fingers or toes.
  • If a person becomes ill, they will be isolated from others, and a guardian will be contacted to pick them up immediately.

Use of the studio’s facilities

  • Dancers and guests will enter the building through the front door and exit out the back door. Any person who is not a dancer will not be permitted to enter the building unless absolutely necessary (ie appointments, guardians of preschoolers, etc.). A mask must be worn by guests when entering and exiting the building while classes are in session.
  • Lobby, kitchen, lounge, washrooms, and change rooms are closed to the public. Washrooms are available for students and staff if essential.
  • Food and drinks (other than water for class) are not permitted in the building. The microwave and fridge can not be used. The studio sink will be used as a sanitizing station, dancers can bring their own pre-filled bottles.

Preparing for class

  • All dancers must bring a dance bag to keep all their belongings (including their coat and outdoor shoes).
  • Dancers should come dressed and ready for class and only bring the essentials needed for class in their dance bag. There will be no changing into dance attire permitted in the building (except dance shoes) as change rooms are closed.

Entering the studio

  • Dancers must arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before class wearing a mask.
  • Dancers will be greeted at the front door with hand sanitizer when the studio has been sanitized and is safe to dancers to come in. Dancers will not be allowed to wait or congregate in the lobby, kitchen, lounge and change room areas without permission.
  • Dancers going to the Main Studio will go directly to the studio, and dancers going to the Blue Studio will go through the hall.
  • Dancers will place their dance bag in a designated spot and then go to their designated spot for class. Dancers may keep their mask in their bag once in class when it is not required.

Exiting the studio

  • Dancers will be dismissed 5 minutes before class time ends to give teachers time to sanitize.
  • Dancers leaving from the main studio will go to the princess room to put on their outdoor shoes and exit through the back door. Dancers will leave together in a group to minimize class disruption.
  • In order for instructors to dismiss a class, sanitize, and prepare to welcome the next class all in a timely manner, we ask all parents and guardians to be on time for pick up. Parents picking up dancers ages 7 and under, please come meet your dancer at the back door wearing a mask.

Multiple classes

  • Dancers going from the Main Studio to the Blue Studio will go through the hall into the Blue Room. Dancers going from the Blue Studio to the Main Studio will go directly into the MainStudio.
  • There will be designated “break spots” for dancers with a break of 1 hour or less, and may wait at the studio. Whenever possible please make arrangements for dancers to be picked up because there will be limited spaces. Arrangements must be made ahead of time with the office to use a “break spot”.Dancers may have a snack from their dance bag.
  • Dancers are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their own area when finished their break. Teachers are not responsible for supervising or sanitizing.Any dancer found disrespecting the rules of the studio during their break will no longer be given the privilege to stay at the studio during breaks. No warnings will be given.

Absent from class

  • If your dancer or a family member is feeling ill, they must stay home as stated in our liability waiver. Please contact the studio office at or 250.624.3457 if reporting an absence from class.

Live online video streaming

  • Classes will be available using live online video streaming for dancers who are unable to participate in studio classes due to Covid-19 precautions. Dancers will be able to participate from home until it is safe for them to return to the studio.
  • Any class a dancer is participating in using this method will be considered “present” for their classes.
  • More details will become available to families regarding live online video streaming and how the studio will provide this bonus service for families.

Studio Rental

  • Contact the office to book a time. Drop-ins will not be permitted.
  • Parents and dancers will require signing an agreementand liability waiver in order to rent the studio.
  • Parents and dancers will be responsible for sanitizing the space before and after their session (this will be outlined in the agreement and liability waiver).

Studio closure due to COVID-19

  • In the event of a studio closure due to changes in Covid-19 protocols set out by the World Health Organization and the Government of BC, classes will resume online using an online live-stream service which we will be using throughout the season for students unable to attend classes. More details will be available for families if this situation were to occur.


  • Please read and become familiar with our liability and waiver (which can be found on our online registration form) and what is expected in the case your dancer or a family member become ill.
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